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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stop Slaughter Of Pigs and Piglets

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Target: Hormel Foods
Sponsored by: PETA
For more than three months, PETA went undercover at an Iowa pig factory farm, which supplies piglets who are raised and killed for Hormel products.

PETA found rampant cruelty to animals - committed by workers and supervisors. The farm changed ownership and management during PETA's investigation, but that made no difference to the animals who were born and confined there: Abuse and neglect were widespread during PETA's entire investigation.

Abuses were brutal and widespread, including beating and kicking the animals for no reason and jabbing at the animals' eyes and faces.

By purchasing pigs bred and born on this farm and then grown elsewhere before being slaughtered for Hormel products, Hormel is financially supporting an operation whose employees abuse animals.

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