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Friday, March 28, 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Save Animals In Kerala

plz sign this petition it is aginst the barbaric killing of stray dogs,rabbits,Turtles(olive-ridleys) in kerala ...plz send it to max. friends

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stop Fur Trade

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Stop the Cruel Seal Hunt

The Largest Slaughter of Marine Mammals on Earth
Canada's Seal Hunt: Cruel and Unnecessary

Take Action to End the Seal Hunt (click on the link below)

It is during spring time when seals only two weeks to three months old are also mercilessly slaughtered for their pelts.

Source: All Petitions, PFA Community on Orkut

Stop Pet Masscare

Help The Staving Dog

Save Tigers In Egypt

Korea/ China

These countries have no mercy for animals whatsoever. These people EAT anything that moves. DOGS are kept in tiny cages, chucked into it as though they have no life or no feelings. The dogs are thrown into hot water tubs and slaughtered.

Zoo's in Japan/China have become entertainment centres for humans. This where they get to ride in big vans and troopers while an animal (cows,chickens) are thrown onto a confined field where lions and tigers are free to brutally attack these innocent animals.
You may say this is the food chain but this is not nature, These animals are not given the chance to run for their lives just like in the natural environment.

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