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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ban Cow Slaughter!!

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"...India has had a rapid rise in slaughter houses of cows from about 350 to 36,000 in span of thirty years.This is the official number.Don't know what is the unofficial number.........Right now, there are 36,000 slaughterhouses (official number), of which 10 are highly automated, where daily 250,000 animals are hacked.At this time the population of buffalos in the country is only 75 millions, and cows 200 millions. Alkabir alone is licensed to kill 600,000 a year, but Deonar (Mumbai) is licensed to kill 2,500,000 a year, in addition to 120,000 cows and 60,000 buffalos. Kolkata located slaughterhouse kills 1,200,000 cows and buffalos per year. These are just official numbers for a few large facilities......"

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