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Saturday, November 8, 2008

No Military Testing on Animals. Please..

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Target: Robert M. Gates, Secretary of Defense
Sponsored by: Care2
The U.S. has one of the most advanced militaries in the world, yet despite the availability of better alternatives, it continues archaic teaching and combat training methods involving brutal treatment of animals.

For example, the Army utilizes live, anesthetized pigs shot with high-powered rifles to simulate battlefield injuries in training their combat medics. And the military's only medical school also uses animals in its curriculum, despite the fact that the majority of all U.S. medical schools no longer require live animal labs.

Such animal suffering is unnecessary. Simulation systems can be used, making the use of animals in medical instruction obsolete. Prestigious medical schools such as Harvard, NYU and Case Western Reserve stopped requiring live animal labs in the training of future physicians, why hasn't the U.S. military?

Urge the Secretary of Defense and our military to adopt humane education and training policies that do not involve the suffering and death of animals. Proven alternatives are widely available!

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