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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Protest Against Animal Trade & Cruelty

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In many fields of commercial animal husbandry, China is among the poorest performers in the world: the largest producer of rabbit meat, the market leader in breeding animals for fur, and the world's second-biggest poultry producer; it also accounts for half of global egg and pork production. This causes unspeakable animal suffering due to the lack of animal welfare standards in China.

Investments from big companies are partly responsible for this cruel trade as a large amount of Chinese goods are produced for export to other countries.

The majority of consumers abhor cruelty to animals. In many European countries minimum legal standards protect animals against violence and cruelty. But animal products are increasingly imported from countries, where they have been produced under the most appalling circumstances.

Join our protest against this cruel trade and appeal for animal welfare standards in the European trade!

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