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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stop Montana's Shameful Bison Slaughter!


Target: Montana Promotion Division
Sponsored by: Defenders of Wildlife

America's last free-roaming wild bison are a powerful reminder of the great American West. But they are being slaughtered on a scale not seen since the 1800s, and hundreds more are slated to be killed.

This year alone, more than 1,300 bison have been needlessly killed -- more than a quarter of the park's population. State and federal officials kill these majestic animals when they leave the borders of Yellowstone National Park for fear that the animals will spread brucellosis to cattle -- even though there has never been a single case of a buffalo in the wild spreading the disease to cattle.

This is no way to manage one of the icons of the American West... especially in a state that prides itself as a destination for wildlife-seeking tourists.

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