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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Do Online Petitions Work?

Does Signing a Petition helps the targetted in any form?
There has always been a confusion that do the petitions we sign actually help the targetted benificiary or not.
A petition, be it online or written can be used in the parliament to pass a bill if it reaches a particular number; so signing petitions is not a waste at all. That is, the more the people sign the petition the more popular it becomes and thus can make a difference to the targetted by compelling the related authorities to take an action.But for this, someone must take a hard copy of the entire petition and approach a local political party or file legally for a BILL.
Petitions are also used as solid evidence in courts and can help in chnaging the judgement or influence it atleast.
Many a petitions have already worked wonders..
So keep signing petitions and forward it to all you know to make it more popular and thus a successful petition!!
There is a simple way to find petitions by yourself
Use google's CSE for petitions, search by keywords like 'Animal Cruelty In China'

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  1. i always wondered on the fact of petitions being used legally.. this post seems to be helping as well as motivating!!
    i'll have to see if the legislation here allows us the same..
    and abt the blog:
    good to see kind of effort...needs a lot of improvements like adding animal pictures, posts on animal cruelty, knowledge basics etc..
    still gud to see the work
    keep doing...

    Help Animals, whatever way you can!!



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